Dubrovnik Nightlife

Cafe bars, pubs and discos in Dubrovnik

People start their night adventures in caffe bars inside the Old city, usually at Buniceva Poljana (Bunic Square). Caffe bars MiragePoco Loco and Hard Jazz caffe – Trubadurare the most popular.

Later local people continue having fun in small caffe bars close to Prijeko Street, in the streets in the western part of The Old City.

But tourists prefer “Irish pub Karaka” (located in 4th street on the left, going from East) and other caffes next to “Irish”.

As locals and tourists in Dubrovnik Old City must sleep, cafe bars and pubs located there close at 1AM, or 2AM during Dubrovnik Summer Festival period from 10th of July to 25th of August.

So you may continue having fun outside the Old City, most of people visit Latino Club «Fuego» and «Capitano» baron Pile (just when you exit Old City on the Western Gate), or disco inside Fort «Revelin» (just before you exit Old City on the East).

If disco’s empty, you’re young and crazy and don’t want go sleep I suggest you going on night swimming on Porporela beach (close to lighthouse in Old City Harbour) or in «Uvala» in Sumratin Bay in Lapad.

Live music

Live music concerts are usually held in «Lazareti» in Ploce part of Dubrovnik (just when you exit Old City on the Eastern Gate) or in Club «Orlando» located in old hospital (Dubrovacka stara bolnica) on Pile.

Classical music and theatre plays

If you prefer classical music or drama play you should visit Dubrovnik during Dubrovnik Summer Festival (“Dubrovacke Ljetne Igre” from 10th of July to 25th of August).

Most of the performances are held in outdoor, unique ambiental areas. At the place where in the morning you were drinking your first coffee, or buying salad/grapes/fish from the old lady – in the evening it turns to a spectacular stage for drama or a concert.

Besides Dubrovnik Summer Festival, classical concerts are held inside churh “Sv. Spas” (behind big fountain inside Old City) or in “Rector’s pallace”, close to Old City harbour.